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I have a long list of illnesses (see it here). In 1995 at age fifteen I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (a disease of the large intestine), and I lived with it for seventeen years. In 2010, it spread and advanced to a severe diagnosis. I spent a year on a roller-coaster of intensive immunosuppressive drug therapies, only to end up requiring surgery to remove my large intestine and replace it with a j-pouch. After surviving three surgeries, I developed Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, the most debilitating illness of all. (Read "Myalgic Encephalomyelitis" and "The Spoon Theory" to understand more.) Below are the detailed accounts of my ups and downs on this journey.

Favorite SCD Recipes

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) is designed to treat bacterial overgrowth that can cause a variety of gastrointestinal problems and issues.  The main idea is to starve the bacteria by restricting all carbs, starches, and sugars, even trace amounts in condiments, beverages, marinades, etc, except those naturally found in fruits and honey.  (For more info, visit the official SCD website here:  Breaking the Vicious Cycle.) Because fanatical adherence to the diet is essential in order for it to work, this means that we need to make almost everything at home from scratch, even condiments.

Below are some of my favorite tried and true SCD recipes.  Keep in mind that most of these recipes use ingredients that are considered "advanced" in SCD.  I would highly recommend buying and reading the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle and consulting with a doctor or nutritionist before you attempt treating yourself with this diet.  However, once you're on the diet and navigating ingredients, I would also recommend downloading this handy phone app called SCD Buddy to help you in easily determining which ingredients are legal while on-the-go or in the kitchen.

Note: All SCD recipes are made from whole ingredients with no fillers or preservatives.  Therefore, they tend to not last as long as commercially made products.  For extended "shelf-life" of condiments and other longer-lasting foods, try to reduce the amount of bacteria it is exposed to by thoroughly washing all containers with hot water and antibacterial soap, and try not to "double-dip" utensils; use only clean spoons and knives to remove product from container.

To see some of the photos that inspired the above recipes as well as a bunch more recipes that I am excited to try but haven't yet, check out my SCD Pinterest board.  Keep in mind, however, that I have not checked all the ingredients in those recipes yet to ensure they are all SCD legal.  In fact, I know some of them are not legal, but I had pinned them with the idea of adapting some of the ingredients for SCD, so proceed with caution.

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